When you’re getting some work done on your landscape, chances are that you’ve heard your contractor suggest that you add a retaining wall to your garden, especially if you have sloping or elevated yard spaces. While you’re more than free to level the sloped ground in order to have a flatter landscape, experts recommend that you opt for the retaining wall instead as not only could flattening the landscape could be time-consuming and costly but a retaining wall can bring about many benefits for your home. But what exactly are the so-called benefits that a retaining wall could bring?

Unexpected Flood Control

You can protect your home and property with the right retaining wall if a hard rain hits your area. Or in the winter from melting snow and ice. Flood is usually a result of natural causes. It may also be caused by man-made factors. It causes huge damage to life and property. There are many different causes leading to flooding.

Adds to the Ambiance of Your Property

There are many different materials you can use to have your retaining wall look beautiful. As well as providing structural integrity, retaining walls can also create an attractive design element in any landscape. Many different materials are available in designing beautiful retaining walls in your landscape. It is important that retaining walls work properly, but also enhance your yards. Be sure to explore your options and find a material that will embellish your property. You can use…

  • Boulders
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Concrete blocks

You can even have a veneer or attractive stones or a mosaic placed over a less attractive retaining wall. Tailor your retaining wall to fit the aesthetic of the rest of your landscape.

Do You Have a Soil Erosion Problem?

Soil erosion not only leaves your landscaping with pockmarks and messy areas, but it can also be dangerous. A retaining wall can be your best defense. Without a retaining wall to prevent this it is far more likely that you will need to do more maintenance. When the fertilizer and topsoil are washed away you will have to replace them. Retaining walls are low maintenance, once installed you can basically forget about them.

Retaining Walls Can Improve Your Curb Appeal and Property Value

The following are some ideas to consider…

  • Create terraced areas if your landscaping sits on a slope
  • Create a raised flower bed in the front of your home. The area warms up more quickly in the spring and drains better allowing for a longer growing season. The flower bed gives beautiful curb appeal to your property.
  • Create usable space if your property is very hilly, it can be hard to use your land. Retaining walls can level off areas, allowing you to create patios, grilling areas and so much more!

D2 Landscaping Can Help You With Your Retaining Wall

We build sturdy, well engineered retaining walls that last.The personal attention and craftsmanship you get from D2 Landscaping will be refreshing.

Retaining Walls…

  • Minimize Erosion
  • Manage Water Drainage
  • Create More Usable Space

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