Outdoor kitchens aren’t one-size-fits-all projects, though It’s true that they all serve essentially the same purpose stationary structures that house cooking equipment while providing a central gathering place in your backyard — but one of the biggest benefits of outdoor kitchens is that they’re highly customizable. More and more entertainment is taking place at home. Making your backyard space classy, clever, and functional with an outdoor kitchen feature will make your backyard the place during the warmer months. Check out the following ideas to get you started on your plan…


Build your backyard bar near the kitchen appliances so you will not be separated from your family or friends while you are cooking. Build the bar and add in stools that fit into the interior design of your dream kitchen.

Grill Station

You will need exact measurements to fit your available kitchen space following standards and regulations to keep you safe. Pick form layouts like the L-shape, the island, angular bends, circular curves, or even a U-shaped design. You may also want an outdoor vent hood to go above your grill. Imagine yourself entertaining guests, feeding friends or family, and making sweet and savory (BBQ) memories with your new outdoor kitchen!

Firepit or Fire Table Seating

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around fire pits and fire tables; sometimes, customers think they are the same thing. The only similarity is they are both designed to go in your backyard. You will want your fire pit or fire table near your kitchen space once dinner has been prepared. Deciding whether to install a traditional fire pit or a fire table really depends on your backyard space and preference. Backyard fire tables and pits have many advantages, from creating an outdoor entertainment space to improving your home’s aesthetic. However, having an open fire in your yard means you need to take some precautions to prevent accidents. Consider installing fireproof stone pavers beneath the pit to prevent grass fires, and keep seating at a safe distance from the fire. You should also have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency.

Pizza Oven

Pizza is not the only thing you can cook in a Pizza oven. You can cook bread and veggies and salmon and steak and many other dishes. A pizza oven can add a little something extra to your backyard kitchen.

Outdoor TV’s

Of course TV’s are essential in your backyard design. You need to plan the design process for the installation of your TV. You will need the proper hook-up for cable and take into consideration where your outdoor seating will be placed so you can position the TV in the best spot to watch your favorite game with family and friends.


Pergolas are designed as an outdoor structure to define a specific area with some landscaping to dress it up. A pergola gives air-flow through the space with the added benefit of shade.

Coolers / Refrigerated Drawers / Prep Space

Built-in coolers are usually built directly into the serving space on your outdoor kitchen countertops. Refrigerated drawers allow you to have your food at-hand when you are cooking outdoors. It prevents the hassle of running in and out of the house to get ingredients. Match this appliance to your grill to keep your space uniform. You will want your outdoor kitchen to be just as functional as your indoor kitchen. So your prep space goes right along with the refrigerated drawers, having your supplies at hand. So plan the storage space to give you ample room to cook and house your utensils and food when not in use.


Fire features provide both aesthetic and warmth to any space. With a fireplace, smoke is directed up through the chimney and away from guests which is an added benefit of this type of fire feature. The fireplace offers a more classic or modern feel than fire-pits depending on the interior design you go with.

Seating Options

Besides cultivation a lush landscape, finding the picture-perfect seating pieces to complete your outdoor kitchen is essential to creating the space. But with so much choice, where to start? If you build a customized seating area be sure to make sure you allow enough depth. We have seen too many built-in benches that are far too narrow to sit on comfortably. If you enjoy entertaining and want to devote an area to outdoor dining with a table and chairs for alfresco meals. There are many styles of tables and chairs out there, from all-weather rattan to wood and iron or lighter metals. Your interior design will dictate your decision.

Fans and Lighting

Fans and lighting will make both evenings and warmer months more enjoyable. These features can easily be tailored to the aesthetics or your backyard kitchen design. Outdoor kitchens need good lighting. As investment in outdoor kitchens has grown, so has the need to think about how best to light these outdoor spaces, both for safety around the cooking area and for aesthetic ambiance in what is essentially another room of the house.

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