First prioritize the areas that want to re-design first. The design plan might mean putting in a new garden or maybe just coming up with a planting plan. Maybe you need a outdoor area with patio and a fire pit. Get your ideas in order and then call a professional to help you see what your ideas will cost. The following are some ideas and tips to get you on your way…

The Principles of Landscaping Goals

Landscaping is done with a view to create a natural scene by planting lawn, trees and shrubs. It is the imitation of nature in the garden and improves the total living environment of the people. You get to think about how it should all look and feel. About how you will use your outdoor spaces and how you will improve them for you, your family, and guests.

You Have To Feel Your Landscape

Decide if you want to incorporate vegetables with tall flowers like sunflower or California Poppy. How will you use your garden? Will you want places for walking and sitting and eating. Do you have children who will be playing sports in the area? Will you want an area to do your potting and yard storage? Will you be thinking about how to help the environment? Each and every one of the above facts are your goals that make the decision for your landscape design and planning decisions. This will make your personal landscape design fall into place.

Sketch a Landscape Plan

Put it in black and white. First draw what now exists on your property. Include the house and any out buildings. Then add the lawn which will not be part of the landscape. Use graph paper and measure accurately as you can. Draw in all the utility lines like gas and irrigation and wires (you may need help with this). Draw in the sunny and shady areas and areas in between. Positioning plants in the right sun conditions helps them to be healthy. If you have a view you want to block, make note of it on the drawing. If there are hills and slopes make note of them in the drawing. When every aspect of the space is on your plan you can start the basic form of the design.

Start Designing Your Landscape

Now the fun starts, look at your drawing and start roughing in where things might go. Just draw bubble diagrams of where things might go. Maybe a pond here , a hedge there, a compost bin. No individual plants yet. Do you want a stone path or a patio or a fire pit. Start a concept plan. The concept design sets the vision and tone for the project. The concept plan is usually supported by different types of drawings to convey the design intent and what the space will feel and look like once it is built. The formal garden is the last step. Now is a good time call in a professional to see what is possible and what your new plan may cost.

Benefits of Right Plant, Right Place

The planting plan is when you decide which plants you will be planting and then draw them exactly where they will go in the garden. Draw the plant the size it will be at maturity. This gives the plant all the space they need to grow naturally. Do not make the mistake of planting too densely or too close to paths and building. Now it is time to make your list of plants. Most flowers should be planted after your region’s last frost date. Planting flowers in spring is the most popular time, but perennials do fine if planted in early fall in the North and late fall in the South.

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