Nothing says outdoor fun quite like gathering around a fire with family and friends. Fire serves many purposes— it’s a good source of light in the dark, you can use it to cook (I can already taste a delicious s’more), and it keeps your warm when cooler temperatures replace the warmth of the day. Not only are they purposeful, backyard fire pits add beauty while increasing the value of your outdoor space. Adding one is simple and you can be sure it is worth the investment.

Picking the Best Spot for Your Fire Pit

The first, and perhaps the most important, thing to consider is where you will put your fire pit. You should avoid an area that might lead to dangerous situations such as: under or near trees and overhanging branches, beneath power lines, in close proximity to structures and plants, and upwind from your neighbors home. Find a spot where the ground is level and there is adequate room for seating. You should also be sure that there is a source of water close in case of emergency. Prior to building your fire pit, do your research to make sure there are not any restrictions that may limit or prohibit the use of a fire pit in your community. First, mark out a spot for your fire pit. The diameter should be about three feet that way you can still easily converse while keeping your for contained. Use a non-flammable surface like stone, concrete, and/or gravel to build your fire pit. Surrounding material should also be non-flammable. Review your local regulations to be sure that your fire pit is within code.

Materials for Inspiration

  • Landscape Pavers – If you’ve recently updated your landscape, you might have leftover pavers. Use them to make an eye-catching fire pit that will match your hardscape. Be sure that each layer is level before adding an additional layer. Use landscape adhesive to hold your pavers together.
  • Fieldstone – To create a rustic, natural look, use fieldstone. It is inexpensive (even free, if you’re willing to get out into nature and gather it) and can be pieced together in any configuration. Be sure that each layer is level before adding another layer.
  • Red Bricks – While this might require more labor, it will create a beautiful fire pit. You will need to used mortar or masonry adhesive between each layer. Stagger the bricks to increase the stability of the walls.

When you’ve decided on a material, double check to make sure your fire pit is level and enclosed. Allow at least 24 hours for your fire pit to set before using it for the first time.

Add-ons to Consider For Your Fire Pit

  • Wire mesh cover
  • Rack to store wood
  • Seating
  • Metal grate to grill on
  • Side tables
  • Roasting skewers

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