Landscaping doesn’t have to be restricted to hardscapes and plantings. When you add a water feature, you are opening up your yard to much larger visual opportunities. While water is a naturally occurring resource that we depend upon, it is also one that people have come to appreciate for other purposes. When people are asked their favorite vacation they usually revolve around water, be it the ocean or lake or even just a small pond, people love being near water. Water features bestow a natural elegance to any property. They become like a mini-vacation, only at home. The following are different types of water features to consider when looking for ways to make your home stand out for from the rest.


Fountains add the soothing sound of running water to your landscape. Butterflies and birds love these fountains. Garden fountains provide calming qualities and can dramatically lift the look of your landscape. Styles run from classical tiered towers to contemporary orbs, and a fountain’s design speaks to more than aesthetics. The architecture determines how the water flows and the sound it creates, from a splashing that drowns out street noise to a bubbling that provides a subtle background sounds to patio conversation.


Ponds are another attractive choice when looking to upgrade your yard into a beautiful oasis. Whether your property is large and expansive — or no bigger than a postage stamp — most yards can accommodate some type of pond. Ponds come in many sizes, shapes, and depths, and sometimes these water features may not be classified as ponds at all. When it comes to the pond’s location on the property, we recommend locating it where it can be enjoyed from a patio or deck, bedroom, or kitchen. Necessary components include circulation infiltration systems, fish, aquatic plants and rocks, gravel, and bacteria. The circulation system introduces oxygen into the water while causing the water to flow, there creating the calming sound of running water. Fish feed from the pond floor and on any string algae that grow so they are an asset to your pond. And so are the aquatic plants that thrive on the excess nutrients within the pond.


With so many plants and rocks to choose from, waterfalls can be customized to fit your needs exactly. It’s no surprise that there is an increasing interest in adding waterfalls to residential landscaping, where the trickling sounds of water can soothe the nerves and calm the mind. Adding a waterfall to your yard takes a bit of planning and some basic materials, but the process is fairly straightforward. The waterfall can be made without a pond. With pondless waterfalls, families can enjoy the natural wonder of a waterfall at home with any of the safety risks of a pond.

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