Backyard makeovers can change the entire atmosphere of your outdoor living space and increase the value of your home by 14%. While the investment will vary based upon the size of the project, transforming your backyard will create the perfect space for friends and family to gather and make unforgettable memories. The following are 11 ways you can take your backyard entertaining up a notch…

Install a Fire Feature

Depending on the look you’re holding to achieve, adding a fire pit or fire bowl will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can customize the look of your fire feature to coordinate with your home and outdoor furniture. Style and size are completely up to you given your space and budget. A few options to choose from include…
  • Fire Pits
  • Fire Bowls
  • Fire Tables
  • Chimneys
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Fire columns
Need inspiration? Our team can work with you to help you find the best option to suit your needs and space. Also, check out some of our latest work.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you enjoy hosting friends and family, an outdoor kitchen would be well worth investing in. The professionals at D2 Landscaping would love to help you design a space that will add to the functionality of your space while looking great.  Prior to beginning the project, we’ll work with you to determine your needs. Are you hoping to keep the space simple? Or do you want your outdoor kitchen to have it all? Choices include…
  • Built-in grill
  • Island
  • Pizza Oven
  • Outdoor Refrigerator
  • Bar
  • Cabinets/Storage Space
We can work with you to get the most out of your space and budget while making sure everything flows well together. Also, check out some of our latest work.

Lighting to Set the Mood

The lighting you choose to install will add ambiance and set the mood. Consider the purpose of your lighting— are you wanting to showcase your landscape or will the lights be decorations only? Typically, most people use outdoor lighting for enhancement purposes. This makes it important for your to assess where the light will shine instead of the location of the lights themselves. There are several decorative lighting options to choose from. Frequently picked outdoor lighting options include…
  • Step Lights
  • Hanging Lights
  • String Lights
  • Postmount Lights
  • Hardscape Lights
  • Well Lights
Your landscape lighting can change the entire look of your outdoor living space.

Update Old Edging with New, Durable Concrete Edging

Concrete edging is safe, durable, and can be customized. There are many of options for you to choose from to suit the design of your space. We will work alongside a curbing company to design a concrete edging that could look as natural as you’d like or modern and edgy. Concrete edging can be made to resemble real stone without sharp edges that can be hazardous especially if you have children. It’s easy to maintain as it is a solid structure that won’t allow grass to grow through and rocks won’t fall or need replaced. We would love you show some examples and how concrete edging can transform the look of your lawn and landscape. Also, check out some of our latest work.

Build a Flower Bed and/or Garden

Want to be more hands-on in your backyard? Ready to teach your family how to grow their own food? Plant a garden. Whether you choose to plant a large one or simply have a single raised garden bed, this will add functionality and purpose to your backyard. Most people opt to have one of the following types of gardens…
  • In-ground
  • Raised bed
  • Container
  • Window box
Our favorite perk of a garden— yummy foods to eat! Ready to explore garden options, give us a call? Also, check out some of our latest work.

Walkways Add Function and Beauty

While they might not be the first thing you think about when designing your backyard, you’d be surprised by the difference this small change can make. Walkways serve as functional design pieces that contribute to the aesthetic of your outdoor space. These can be customized to meet your style expectations whether contemporary or natural. Homeowners often opt to implement the following walkway styles…
  • Stepping Stones
  • Brick
  • Crushed Rock
  • Palleted Wood
  • Pavers
  • Stamped Concrete
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Add a Water Feature

Water features are sure to play off all of your senses. While it might seem like a challenging task, it will be well worth the enjoyment that comes once you have it set up and going. It’s important to note that you will have to routinely maintain your pond or waterfall. If you choose to install a koi pond, you will have to care for both the structure itself and the fish and plants that call it home. Basic water feature maintenance includes:
  • Complete cleaning twice a year
  • Pump maintenance seasonally
  • Winter preparation if you live in regions with cold climate
  • Algae reducing treatments
Water features are sure to be enjoyed by everyone that comes in your yard. They can include everything from ponds and birdbaths to waterfalls and water walls. Let us bring your water feature dreams to life. Also, check out some of our latest work.

Need Shade? Add a Pergola

If your backyard experiences a significant amount of sunlight every day, you might be wanting to add something that will block some of that out while still being aesthetically pleasing. It can be hard to enjoy your outdoor space in from late spring through early fall when the sun shines more often. Pergolas are a great solution to this problem. Unlike other shade options with solid sides, pergolas allow air to flow freely while still providing shade. Not sure a pergola is for you? Let’s explore options! Also, check out some of our latest work. Revive Your Patio With New Concrete Whether your ready to shift from wood to concrete or simply want to spruce up your existing concrete design, concrete patios are customizable and easy to maintain. You can choose to have you concrete patio stained or stamped, or even both of that’s what your prefer. The design can be suited to match the color of your house or landscape elements. Staining your patio allows you to achieve that customized look. You can opt to mix colors, add graphics, or acid staining to create a unique look. Stamping allows you to get the look of stone without the price tag. Concrete can be poured into any shape or design making your options endless. You can request to have imitate stone, brick, or wood grain. New concrete is sure to change the look of your patio. Not convinced? Another benefit of concrete is its durability. While it will require a scrub every once in awhile, it is one of the lower maintenance choices especially for outdoors. This makes it a solid choice for those homeowners that are too busy to fool with the routine maintenance that comes with wood decking. Choosing concrete patios means you won’t have to deal with…
  • Grass growing between pavers
  • Rotting and warping
  • Restraining annually
  • The inability to withstand harsh weather conditions
Also, check out some of our latest work.

Patio Furniture Can Make a Big Difference

If you’re planning to invest in transforming your backyard, chances are that you intend to spend more time with loved ones enjoying it. Patio furniture will provide you and your guests with a comfy place to get quality time together in your new backyard. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose to replace the cushions on your existing furniture, rearrange it, or replace the furniture entirely.

Routine Maintenance is Essential

Spending the money to transform your backyard will only be worth the investment if you can commit to performing routine maintenance. Maintaining your space and landscape will help keep it looking great and inviting. Not enough hours in your day? Let landscaping professionals keep your backyard space neat and tidy. At D2 Landscaping, we will walk you through the process while providing you with quality workmanship. Your outdoor living area will soon be the space everyone wants to gather.

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